ANGFA Victoria meets bi-monthly at the "The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria," 1 Gardenia Street Blackburn, with meetings commencing at 8.00pm. Membership of ANGFA costs $45.00 per year. Membership is per calendar year. I.e. January 1 - December 31.

We have changed our membership options from 2017 onwards.

ANGFA Victoria's newsletter VicNews will no longer  be produced as a stand alone publication but will now form part of a larger new format National magazine ANGFA News which will be issued quarterly and contains information on happenings within the club, info on field trips and articles on fishkeeping as well as details on trips by members.

Most members as of 2014 were signed up to ANGFA Vic & ANGFA National with a total cost of $65.

This subscription included: Fishes of Sahul (FOS), VicNews, and ANGFA News.

As of 2015, there is no ANGFA Vic only option.

Members will now receive an expanded membership package at a reduced combined rate. Your membership will include:-

  • Fishes of Sahul (FOS) (Click the links to see low resolution versions of each magazine.)
  • A larger newsletter including issues from around Australia and incorporating ANGFA News, VicNews and Rivus (ANGFA NSW).


To make it easy to join ANGFA Vic, we have provided three ways to sign up for membership.

Option 1
12 months Membership of  ANGFA Victoria  and subscription to Angfa National to receive DIGITAL ONLY version of  Fishes of Sahul plus State newsletters from NSW and Victoria.

NOTE: As of 2017 ANGFA offers a high quality DIGITAL printable version of Fishes of Sahul. There is no longer a hard copy option available.

You may sign up online by selecting from the drop down menu below.

ANGFA Subscriptions

It is not necessary to have a PayPal™ account. You may pay with this option via a credit or debit card.


You may also download and post in a completed membership form.

or fill in a membership form when attending a meeting.