VIC NEWS was published by ANGFA Victoria Inc. PO Box 369, North Melbourne, Victoria 3051.  ANGFA Victoria Inc. is a regional group member of AUSTRALIA NEW GUINEA FISHES ASSOCIATION INC.

VicNews, while still being produced to a high standard, has been incorporated into the ANGFA News magazine as of January 2017 and ceases to be published independently. Below are the last stand alone issues of VicNews.

It contains articles on field trips and surveys, native Victorian and invasive species, regular features and upcoming meetings, as well as club activities and contact details. VicNews contains articles by members, scientists and government. It was published bi-monthly.


Download the last editions of VicNews.

VicNews Number 123 -December 2016

VicNews Number 122 -October 2016

VicNews Number 121 - August 2016

VicNews Number 120 - June 2016

VicNews Number 119 - April 2016

VicNews Number 118 - February 2016

VicNews Number 117 - December 2015

VicNews Number 116 - October 2015