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What’s happening at our meeting on 5 August 2016

What’s happening at our meeting on 5 August 2016 ANGFA Vic Mega Auction ANGFA Fish Auctions are always a highlight for anyone with a strong interest in aquarium fishes native to Australia and New Guinea. At the August meeting of ANGFA Victoria, we will be holding a mega-auction to celebrate our wonderful array of indigenous… Read More »

What’s happening at our meeting on 5 February 2016

What’s happening at our meeting on 5 February 2016 Aqua-culturing the Jade Perch Our February meeting will feature a presentation by aquaculturist Bruce Sambell, often called the Perch Man, who is the founder and designer of fish hatchery Ausyfish Pty Ltd, which he built in 1988. Bruce has been a representative of various QLD aquaculture… Read More »

Network security refers to the precautionary measures an organization takes in order to prevent cyber attacks, malicious use of confidential information, or accidental damage to the network’s private data.Network security is common in companies across a wide range of industries. It’s an important sub-specialty for those in sales and operations, and is often times the… Read More »

Top SEO Practices

If you want more prospects to find your website through a search engine, then you need SEO practices that will help you rank among the top five positions of the Google results. Top 5 SEO Practices to Improve your Rank in Google Using Google Website Optimizer & Google Analytics Here’s a list of the Google… Read More »

Using Credit Cards with Travel Rewards

Credit саrdѕ соmе with lоtѕ of great реrkѕ. If уоu choose the right сrеdіt саrd and uѕе іt thе rіght way, уоu саn еаrn rewards thаt you саn uѕе fоr frее trаvеl. Even if уоu саn’t travel fоr completely frее, уоu саn uѕе уоur trаvеl rеwаrdѕ tо trаvеl at a significant dіѕсоunt. If you are… Read More »

What’s happening at the ANGFA Vic meeting on 1 August 2014

What’s happening at the ANGFA Vic meeting on 1 August 2014 Our Guest speaker for the August meeting is Tarmo Raadik. Tarmo is an aquatic biologist and taxonomist with 25 years’ experience in the management and biological research of aquatic fauna. He is well respected for his extensive knowledge on alien and native aquatic fauna… Read More »

Combined Clubs field trip 2014 update

Combined Clubs field trip 2014 Accommodation update The caravan park where we will be staying has changed. Please change your booking if you have already booked. COFFS HARBOUR Here’s some info from our northern cousins on this years’ ANGFA combined clubs field trip for 2014. COFFS HARBOUR The Combined Clubs field trip this year will… Read More »

What’s happening at our meeting on 4 April 2014

Our speaker for the April meeting is Dr Kathryn Hassell who is a fish biologist at the Centre for Aquatic Pollution Identification and Management (CAPIM) at the University of Melbourne. She will be speaking about the Eastern blue spot goby, (Pseudogobius sp.) a small estuarine species which is proving valuable in the area of environmental… Read More »

ANGFA Vic April meeting raffle prize

The April meeting raffle prize (an Eheim canister filter) has kindly been donated by Justin and Kim Nguyen at Subscape Aquarium. For anyone who hasn’t been to Subscape, it is well worth a visit. Justin and Kim stock a wide range of products and their planted display tanks are a great inspiration for anyone wanting… Read More »