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Ornamental Fish Farming Book

Those of you with VicNews #95 have already read Eddie Tootell’s review of ORNAMENTAL FISH FARMING. The small, medium and large scale breeding and marketing of freshwater tropical fish and goldfish. By Brian Andrews . Published 2011. ISBN: 978-0-646-55274-3.  Cost including freight is about $134 (this price was for January 2012). Sales and Enquiries: Only… Read More »

Project: Galaxia pusilla

Many folks at ANGFA think that Galaxialla pusilla should be the “pin up” fish for Victoria: It’s colourful, breeds readily, eats mosquito larvae, cohabitates well with frog spawn, and is probably the perfect fish for backyard ponds in our region – except for the fact that it is a threatened species. Once common throughout much… Read More »